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Kinder Garden

Entry to kinder garden section:

Age registration & limitation (For kinder Garden)

 To enter into the platform of Apex convent school students should have completed 2 years or up to 3 years at the time of joining to pre-nursery class. Likewise students should have completed 3 years or up to four years at nursery class entry and up to 5 years at L.K.G. and 6 years at U.K.G.



Childhood is the age of play and education as well. Both these two thing are equally important for the harmonies development of the child. To make the learning process more interesting school has setup an ultramodern play zone.

Visual Discrimination: Recognition in similarity and differences in object, picture, shapes and letters

Visual Memory: The ability to recollect, recognize, and name the concepts visited.

Motor Skills: Activities to improve hand-eye coordination.

Orientation: Eye movement from left to right/top to bottom.

Auditory Discrimination: The ability to associate sounds/names with symbols and discriminate them.

Auditory Memory: The ability of recall sounds/names.

Concept/ Cognitive Development: Firsthand experience with-

·        Art, Dance

·        Music rhythm, rhymes

·        Story telling

·        Dramatizations

·        Movement and motor Development.

·        Socio-Emotional Development.

   Images of Kid zone



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